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Quite possibly one of the strangest places to be because of the weird diversity. Orange County, in California, is a bit of a mixing bowl for the upper-middle-class to even lower, but majority is rich. Usually called a beach community because you either live by the beach or the beach is at most a half hour drive away.

There are many aspects to Orange County based on town, here are some:

Irvine - Economically diverse, minority majority, the biggest bubble you can find in the United States. The only people we have here that are "hard core" are wangsters who can't rap. Oh and half of the wangsters are Asian, not African-American.

Orange - Less wealthy, very dreary and very WASTED area. There are tons of druggies and garage bands thrive here. White majority, unlike Irvine, but not racist.

BEACH cities - Such a large category that it's melded into one. Generally full of spoiled, rich, white racists. Lots of booze. 'Course that's just a generalization so it can't be THAT bad, can it?

Oh. And there are no freakin' oranges here. I live in Irvine and I've only seen a small area of orange trees near my house. The other place where there are orange trees is near a college but it's a really small amount.

What kind of fruit do we have the most of?

"Hey guys I live in the OC!"

"Isn't that the place full of horny, white racists?"

"NO that's the BEACH cities! I live in Orange."

by Chienism April 24, 2005
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