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to pour warm nacho cheese over a womens vagina, and then to fuck her in the snach, when you almost cum turn her around stick it inher ass, then you pull out dip the penis in the cheese and ask for oral sex it not a pussnacho untill she agree :)
Tripp: "Rob what did you do last night?"

Rob: "damn dude i had one hell of a night"

Tripp: "i bet i had a worse night..."

Rob: "Dude, no i smell like cheese"

Tripp: "oh ya?"

Rob: " i gave this bitch a PUSSNACHO"

Rob: "TWICE"

Tripp: "thats why you smell like blue cheese lol"

Rob: "....Fool, its nacho"
by Chief Bound Her Hard June 07, 2009

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