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Fighting style devloped for total destruction, known only by very few chosen, be wary usually people who know this style of fighting are usually loners and outcasts.
he who bears the mark of the fox's fang is the bringer of leigon and doom.
by ChidoriKnight June 12, 2007
The Death Seraph, under the zodizc sign is Gemini, element alignment is death, it's abilites are Kill, Shock, and Holy.A male Esper in the shape of a terrifying demon. He wears a large cape that hides his body and that of a blindfolded unknown woman. the level of aquirement is 35+.
Limit break:Condemnation. As Zalera waits patiently, the woman he carries wakes up and screams for her life. Spirits arise and form a source of light, that changes into a dark sludge that falls on the enemy. This causes the formation of twisters surrounding the enemy.
The Death Seraph Zalera is found in the Barheim Passage, in Terminus No.7 .
by ChidoriKnight June 25, 2007
The Wroth, zodiac symbol is Capricorn, Element alignment is Thunder, Abilities: Curaga, Bio, Thundara, Flash Arc, aquirement level 30+. A male Esper in the shape of a giant dragon, the Esper has the body of a winged lizard, but the face of a goat. Limit Break: Judgement Bolt, Adrammelech flies high up in the sky and charges it's wing with electrical power, this launches a great electrical explosion causing lighting attacks hitting the enemy.
The Wroth Adrammelech is found in the Zertinan Caverns, in the Arthroza Quicksands.
by ChidoriKnight June 25, 2007
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