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Chubble, or "China-Bubble": An economic bubble, or inflation of asset values from overheated economic activity, within The Republic of China, that eventually will burst into a deflationary recession (or, worse, depression) of the Chinese economy.

Coined by: Henry B., per: soimgoingtochina@gmail.com
Proper Usage of Chubble:
Chubble, or "China-Bubble," is the wave of the future. In just two syllables, it captures the enormity of 1.4 billion people in the worlds 4th (soon to be 3rd) biggest economy, a construction boom soaking up half of the world’s heavy-lift construction cranes, and a stock market that can gain or lose 6% of its value in a single day (sometimes both) without anyone batting an eye.
Chubble is expressive. Chubble is poignant. Best of all, Chubble is inherently funny because it sounds kinda like ‘Chubby.’
Best of all, Chubble is extremely flexible as a word, as you can see in these Suggested Headlines:

* For the Wall Street Journal, the next time China dumps $100 billion in U.S. real estate or stocks: “More Chubble Cash Floods U.S. Markets.”

* For the New York Post, should a crash ever occur: “Chubble Chursts.”

The Broader Context of Chubble
If you’re like most of the world, you’re asking yourself “What does this mean? How should I feel about China’s emerging strength internationally? Is China a threat, or an instrument of world prosperity? Are they a partner or usurper? How will their internal politics translate to the world stage? Is this sustainable? Can it possibly come to rest gently on an even keel, or must any wave that crests so high inevitably come crashing down? And if it does crash, will it be on our—“
by Chico M July 29, 2009

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