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Super nice guy. Usually is a very good guy friend. He can make you laugh so hard you cry. He's an athletic dork because he loves sports but also loves games. He will stay true to you unlike many other guys, and has a sweet personality. He gets caught up on one girl but never finds the guts to tell her. There's always one girl who loves him but never says it, though he knows she likes him. He always tells her he only likes her as a friend but she's the girl he's caught on. These are the best guys in the world!!! He is very passionate about somethings, and stands up for what he believes in. As well as his friends and family. They like to make friends with a lot of people but he gets fed up quickly. He knows his limits and never associates himself with idiots. He is good in school but definitely not a nerd. He has a soft spot for animals (dogs especially.) Sometimes doesn't like cats though. He hasn't had the best life. He is sometimes adopted, because something happened to his parents. He doesn't mind hanging out with girls younger than him or them coming over when his friends are around. His friends always know he likes his friend (who is a younger girl) and that she likes him back. They always bug him about it but he ignores them. If you find a Logan keep him close and NEVER let go. NEVER give up either, if you're that girl he'll come around eventually.
"Wow there goes Logan, I love him but he doesn't like me."

"Yes he does!!"

"Yeah right, he's older, more athletic and told me he only likes me as a friend anyway."
"He was probably just lying, I bet he says that because he doesn't know how deeply you care about him."

"Whatever he'll never ask me out even if he did like me."
"Just you wait"
(A few weeks later)
"Hey Logan what's up?"
"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall today."
"Sure that would be fun!"
(In the food court)
"Hey, I have something to say _____."
"What is it Logan?"
"I really like you. I have since I met you, but I never could tell you. Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Oh my gosh, definitely!! I like you more than you know. I never thought you would ask me!! I thought I was friend-zoned forever!!"
"No, I just didn't know what to say..."
"I remember you saying that..."
(years and years later)
"And do you, Logan take ____ to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do!"
"then you may kiss the bride!"
(a few years later)
"it's a girl!!"
"What should we name her??"
"Well _____ let's name her after her grandma."
"That's perfect Logan."
(50 long yeas later)
"Yeah that's right. Died in each others arms. Looks like they were sleeping when it happened."
"Wow they were famous for their love but I never thought they would die at the same time."
"Oh they didn't. _____ died in his arms and he ODed on heart meds. It seems he was to overcome with loss."
by Chickee Dee May 09, 2012

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