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The act of going out and publicizing yourself in a very public, open manner and in a very public place. Definitely NOT a low key approach!
Christina had really made things happen and now she knew it was time to go out and publisisize herself.
by Chicago MobWife August 24, 2012
A term used within the Italian American population, typically in the metro Chicago area. Typically used to describe someone who has a lack of intelligence of nearly historic proportions (along with a slightly abnormal psychological issue) who seems to make it their job to have everyone note how truly "fucked up" they are.
Something is going to have to be done about that freaking stroonz Tony ..... he never stops whack jobbing everything .... no matter how simple the situation!

Tony's chronic whack jobbing behavior earned him the reputation as a complete fucktard.
by Chicago Mobwife August 18, 2012

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