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A Nigger Cock, A filthy diseased cock due the fact that a nigger will fuck anything especially if it is white. Usually a very fat woman that no decent or normal white will fuck will turn to desperation & fuck niggers or a pathetic white girl lookin for attention for various reasons.
Oh Fat Sally loves that Slave Meat, she is so fat no white guy will fuck her, so she hangs with the niggers. A nigger will fuck a refrigerator if it is white. Carrie was abused by her Father when she was younger now she rides that Slave Meat To get back at her daddy. That dumb bitch doesnt realize Once you go black we won't take you back
by Chicago Mickey Fitz January 02, 2010
an Asshole, rectum, a place shit comes out of
She is one nasty bitch she likes it when you put your cock in her sewer. Old Betty is so nasty she will stick her tounge up your sewer hole after she gives you a blow job.
by Chicago Mickey Fitz January 02, 2010

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