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A term used when a well-endowed man replaces a donkey at a donkey show. The man is then expected to have sex with the woman/women instead of the donkey. Often occurs in Mexico or the Tucson, Arizona area when the donkey is no longer able to perform due to fatigue.
Everyone was looking forward to the donkey show, but the donkey had a heart attack right before it started. Randy stepped in and took care of business. That is how he got the nickname Big Donkey.

Don Felipe didn't want to lose out on the money the customers already paid so he replaced the burro with Big Donkey. Jimmy ended up getting the load of shame after watching the show in the alley.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits December 30, 2011
Occurence in which a man places his genitals on someone's shoulder unknowingly. Often occurs from behind, while the individual is sitting on a couch or chair. May also occur between a deaf couple to initiate a sexual encounter.
Steve surprised Dan with a lazy parrot while he was sleeping on the couch.

My older brother held down my buddy and gave him a lazy parrot. His nut sack rolled off his shoulder and hit him in the mouth.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits October 24, 2011
A girl or woman who is the ugly, disgusting girl in the group and also the most annoying. She also is the girl that cock-blocks guys trying to get on girls in her group because she is not getting any attention.
Chutz was supposed to get it on with The Scrog of the group, but she was so disgusting he went inside and jerked-off. The girls that Gregor and Tody were going to get on then wanted to leave.

The Scrog was so disgusting she reminded me of a 5'2" Randy Moss.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits January 07, 2012
When a guy cums while getting a blowjob and shoots his load out of a woman's nose. Often occurs when timed properly. It also helps to be well endowed.
The sorority girl didnt even see it coming, as Todd gave her the dragon the first time they hooked up. She gagged a bit, but took it like a champ.

The wife knew I was going to try and dragon her, so she kept the hummer shallow.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits December 30, 2011
The act of fucking someone's sister, wife, mom, daughter, grandma, or great grandma as an act of retribution instead of a physical or verbal confrontation. Often initially executed in secrecy.
Bobby again was late with the monthly rent, so I employed fucktribution on his sister while he was passed out in the other room. He later found out about it and hasn't missed a payment since then.

After Tom punched Scott in the head, he merely walked away. Instead, he decided to engage in fucktribution and tagged Tom's wife multiple times.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits September 03, 2012
The act of a man having sex with three women at the same time, while one of each of the women has blonde, brunette, or red hair. The blonde may be replaced with a geriatric white-haired woman as well. The involvement of a black girl instead of a brunette is a Dirty Neapolitan.
The wife was hesitant for me to bring in another brunette for a threesome, so we went with a blonde and a redhead and I executed The Neapolitan.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits January 07, 2012
A man's ability to hold the weight of a woman on one hand/wrist while making love to her in a standing position. A man and a woman having sex while the woman is elevated from the ground with her weight primarily resting on the man's one hand/wrist. Best occurs when the man is strong and the woman is petite or knows how to balance her weight. Typically isn't successful when skinny guys or fat chicks are involved.
Shane grabbed the palmable maid as she was getting out of the shower and was able to thrust her back and forth using one hand Malibu Express style.

Brad thought the chunky girl he hooked up with at the bar was palmable, but she ended up breaking his wrist as they got it on.
by Chicago Joey Biscuits December 30, 2011

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