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A person who comes to the world being what he/he is. So they have no choice but to follow his/her instincts, and that is, feel love for his/her same gender. Homosexuals are the perfect example to explain human race doesnt understand itself as a race. Most homosexuals live lonely/depressed lives because society is full of ignorant people who don't understand the real meaning or morality so they reject them. The homosexual is normal person. Nobody knows why people keep saying they're human cause its so obvious they're human. Maybe the way people threat them is so fucked up some even doubt they might be human. When the homosexual discloses his/her status, he/she lost all of his/her friends and live a depressed, fucked up life. Society even stop these people from making their goals come true by denying then the rights to get certain jobs etc. Even if they're talented, just like me. Its fucking sad. The funny thing is they're born to heterosexual parents who hate gays, and even so, they end up loving his/her child even more because only that kind of love can push people into getting educated about the topic and by doing so, accept them. Education is the key. Say NO to ignorance, be a HUMAN BEING show respect for those who are different. Society is still a primitive and dangerous habitat for humans, especially for homosexuals.
Fred is homosexual, hes got lots of talents, but he was rejected for being homosexual.
by Chicago Bulls February 02, 2008
When Tom deletes your account and you dont even know why.
The myspace arrest was brutal and violent
by Chicago Bulls March 21, 2008
When you log in to your myspace account for the first time in 3 months and you realize you have no new messages, friend requests nor comments.
I just had a myspace deja vu!
by Chicago Bulls March 25, 2008
When you leave myspace for at least one week, which is relatively long for myspace frustrated bastard.
I wont take a myspace rehab. My momma wanted me to leave myspace and I said no, no, no.
by Chicago Bulls March 21, 2008
This is when you get the fever of myspace and realize that you'll die in that chair sooner or later.
I got into it and I cant leave it... I think I got myspace HIV
by Chicago Bulls March 21, 2008
A good reason to forgive God for his sins.
-At least God have us something good; the orgasm.
by Chicago Bulls March 21, 2008

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