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A white person who acts black.
"Hey, you think Jim is gonna be the next Eminem?"

"Nah, man, that white boy stuff is so thick on him. Eminem's paint is like flaky, so it's easy to see him being black."
by Chicago girl April 14, 2006
A fat woman who kicks her stomach around like a ball. Not that she can help it but, her stomach is usually hanging over the belt line and over her legs. So when she walks it creates sort of a kicking movement. She is more than likely a mom, so when people see her they yell soccer mom.
"You see that?"

A fat woman has just walked out the store. She's struggling to get to her car.

"It LOOKS like she's kicking her stomach."

"Yeah, like a soccer ball."

"Yeah, she's a soccer mom."
by Chicago girl April 14, 2006

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