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A wePod is when you have and iPod and five or six people crownd around to listen to music. "we meaning a bunch of people" listening to an IPOD.
iPods are very personal. It wasnt meant for dozens of people at once.
*Seven people crowd around you, trying to listen to music on YOUR iPod*

You say: Damnnit, its and IPOD not a wePod.
by Chic Chi-Town Chick March 17, 2005
pipe refers to penis and the "juice" is the stuff that comes out, or semen

sometimes it makes you a little high if you swallow it

usually aquired by giving a blowjob
Me: Why the fuck is Shaneequa acting so crazy?

Other person: She gave Jamal a blowjob. She's a little high from that pipe juice
by Chic Chi-Town Chick March 04, 2005
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