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A MMORPG game that is constantly fighting against WOW. Though it has only been created a few years ago, thousands of people play every hour. There are 4 game extensions. The 3 current main ones are Prophecies, Nightfall, and Factions. The other one is Eye Of The North, and its for high levelled characters, seeming to be a sequel to prophecies. There are many Proffessions, which are:

Unfortunately, alot of noob's like to play guild wars, so be on the lookout whenever you create a team or whenever you start chatting.

There are also 2 main playing types which are RP and PVP. The difference in RP and PVP in Guild Wars is that RP are characters that start as lvl 1 or 2. They can explore everywhere and have to do missions and fight, also getting elite armor. PVP is for ABing or unlocking skills. You only get main armour and you can only go in PVP areas. You can't do missions or quests and this is mostly used for Allaince Battling, which is a big help to your guild.

Unlike WOW, Guild Wars is very fun to play and you can easily exit out of it anytime except when in a mission. Though, WOW and GW have their good points, none is superior to the other except in opinions.
When your in guild wars alot of people use ingame terms e.g.

Blade: Hey, whats your build?
Kayden: *gives build* sorry man, I'm still unlocking my nec skills so my build sucks.
Blade: Well in the mish your good enough to protect Togo.
Jeffree: Lets meet in GH to AB!Kurz rox! Lux sux.
Kameron: Kay. My friend is a lux tho so try not to say that alot.
MiMi: It's fine. I think im gonna visit isles though while you practice for the AB battle cause I need to choose my guild hall. I'll meet up in a few, good luck against the luxons.
Mimi: We pwn
Jeffree: ugh im going on my war, he has good armour.
by Chibihime December 20, 2008
Snazzy is like a word for stylish, fashionable, cool. You can use it to describe an outfit, an action, a look, or just instead of "thats awesome" or "thats spiffy" you can say "thats snazzy!"
"Rawr, that outfit looks so snazzy."
"Aha, how snazzy!"
by Chibihime December 19, 2009
Engrish is a form of English used from quite a few Japanese people learning English. Usually those people only learn it if they're friends with a foreigner or they are not trying that hard at English.

Engrish is slurred and they try to use R's for the sounds not in their language. (I.E. A few letters in the Alphabet arent in the Japanese Alphabet, like X and V). It sounds hilarious and they seem quite good to other Japanese, but to americans its HILARIOUS!

Those people are definately NOT trying hard to learn English, therefore it was named Engrish, for the Japanese people who suck at English.

Alot of times its in Japanese college because of the whole foreign student issue, people try to learn english ASAP to interact and speak with the foreigner for many reasons.
Lets say, foreigner was speaking to classmate, who met his enemy! Foreigner is Adam, Classmate is Shinobu, and Enemy is Mayagi Here is their Engrish example from an anime that I found (dunno the names surry):

Shinobu is walking down and his friend Adam sees him, before Mayagi sees him in his car.
Mayagi: Oi, Shinobu! *gets out of car*
Adam: Hey, Shinobu! *runs from behind* Did you see Panda vs. Higi Panda on TV last night?
Shinobu: *doesnt realise mayagi is there* Neah! I wuz roaring on ze fror raffing!
Mayagi: Dude! Who's that *points at Adam, shocking Shinobu from his appearance*
Adam: Who's that?
Shinobu: You zont have to know. Get rin my rouse.
Adam: *walks away with shinobu* ah.
Mayagi: *grabs shinobu*
Shinobu: Mayagi?
Adam: Huh?
Mayagi: Not ro worry. He rill be rif me for rile.
Adam: Hey! *watches as Shinobu and Mayagi drive off, abandoning him*

thats the best example I could think of from an anime.

by chibihime January 18, 2009

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