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a woman who pimps the men
check out that lady pimp w/ those guys
by ChiChi May 24, 2003
a woman who pimps the main men
Check out that tght lady pimp rockinthose guys.
by ChiChi May 23, 2003
whoop ass
God damn! WE whipped the shaboodles out of them...
by Chichi September 18, 2003
A mess of Borde. (Borde being a country found off East Africa by me last Wednesday.)
The "n" in bordemness has no meaning, its only there to be fashionable.
by ChiChi February 16, 2004
Popular short form of a host of names beginning 'Chi-' often originating from South East Nigeria and some Spanish speaking countries.
Chichi Peralta, award winning songwriter/percussionist;
Chi-chi Ekweozor, girl guitarist, singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist;
professional golfer Juan "Chi Chi" Rodriguez;
by chichi January 20, 2005
Cool nickname for anyone who has the name chi. Someone who is majorly off the heezy fo shizzle
-hey mr levine! - hey chi-dawwg.. your presentation in class about CLOUDS WAS TRULY COOL!!"
-thanks dude!
by chichi October 16, 2003
1. Definition unknown

2. A word Rikki created and won't tell the rest of the word the meaning
Hey, you are such a chichibug!!
by chichi January 30, 2004
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