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Pocho means americanized Mexican, or Mexican who has lost their culture. (Which largely refers to losing the Spanish.)It is a derogatory term can be someone who's trying to "act white" but it has been largely embraced by Chicanos with a sense of defeatist humor - We're pochos, y que? - so that it's actually becoming more playful than bitter. Kind of like, among blacks, "Whas up Nigga".

The tension over pocho/non-pocho can trace back to Mexican history and La Malinche who was a traitor to the indigenous Aztecs and birthed the first mestizo - hence the Mexican insult Hijo de La Chingada. Mexican philosopher Octavio Paz wrote extensively on this theme.
A Mexican sees a Chicano stuttering out his Spanish and thinks to himself - pocho - what an embarrassment.

There is a website called pocho.com that's dedicated to aserbic Chicano humor.

by ChiBorn And Raised October 10, 2005
Adj; 1. Neurotic. 2. Behavior exhibiting extreme characteristics of the astrological sign Virgo. 3. Meticulous to obsession. 4. Passionately attached to predictable routines. 5. One who can't chill.
1) Stop trying to put that broken egg back together Mr. Virgotoid.
2) You've memorized the train-schedule to the minute? That's way too virgotoid.
3) He's so virgotoid. If one paper clip on his desk is out of place he will start investigating.
by ChiBorn And Raised October 13, 2005
A sweet respectful word for vagina. Pronounced "loo-li"
You have such a cute little luli.
by ChiBorn And Raised October 10, 2005

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