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any thing that is cool, good, acceptable, exceptional, delicious, or exceedingly enjoyable.
Your mom's new car is pretty Dick Flavored
#cool #awesome #sweet #delicious #wonderful #amazing
by ChezzaFentoozler August 06, 2009
A game played by a group of overly drunk sailors who strip down to their boxers and hike said boxers up their ass to look like a man thong. The proper head gear is a skateboard helmet.
They can try to deny it all they want but we have pictures of CMFG, Etrizzle and Nick playing man thong beer pong after a couple cases of beer.
#beer #pong #beer pong #gay #fag #man thong
by Chezzafentoozler August 31, 2009
Any female, human or otherwise, usually living sometimes dead that has a sexual orfice capable of receiving and storing a penis.
Erik tells me his dog makes a good weiner-sleeve when the wife is away.
#cunt #vagina #pussy #female #wife #girlfriend
by ChezzaFentoozler September 15, 2009
When multiple conversations meld into a single epic conversation
Hack and I were talking about zombie flicks, everyone else was talking about wrestling. The conversation took a turn to epic when that morphalized into zombie wrestling.
#conglomeration #conjoined #epic #zombie #dick-flavored
by ChezzaFentoozler February 04, 2010
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