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People who espouse the virtue of the free market while living off government largesse. Examples of republikeynes include the farmers who vote for republicans to lower taxes while receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in farm subsidies.

The term is a portmanteau of republican and keynes, the economist who advocated higher government spending to get out of a recession.
Did you hear that the republicans want to give a quarter trillion dollars to big farms? Business as usual for the republikeynes.
by Chez Guevara July 12, 2008
Similar to a wife as they both want you to work your ass off to pay their bills while telling you how you are oppressing them.
You see that bum on welfare with the Che shirt, yeah he is a real Marxist. His revolution is against earning his own way.
by Chez Guevara July 10, 2008
When two events coincide in the course of attempt to correct one fail leading to a second fail in which both parties are unable to continue due to shame.

An example of a failmate would be if a group of thieves stole a car with no wheels, then the cops who came to get them hit the parked car. The double fail means that no beneficial conclusion can be reached by either party without suffering epic shaming.
by Chez guevara February 04, 2009
A nice personality is a euphemism women use when speaking about rich men to act as though they are not shallow gold diggers.
Two people are sitting at a table at a bar and a guy in scrubs comes in. The first mentions that the new guy is a surgeon and the other says "wow, he must have a nice personality."

It is used derisively to refer to obvious gold diggers as saying that the guy they are with "has a nice personality"
by chez guevara June 14, 2009
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