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This term is generally known as the Spanish word used to describe a ham, cheese and tomato sandwich made in a bread roll. However a Bocadillo, or set of Bocadillo's is also commonly used along the Eastern Australian coastline by young people in the 'twenty-something' demographic to describe beautiful bouncing breasts. Despite the large number of existing slang terms used to describe breasts, when used this new term creates a simultaneous feeling of both jest and confusion, not unlike an episode of almost any American sitcom.
Usage examples:

'She had a great set of Bocadillos'
'Nice Bocadillos'
Shouted to the tune of any Gypsy Kings track - 'Bocadillooooooo!'
'...then BAM, she showed me her bocadillos'
by Chewporka November 01, 2006
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