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2 definitions by Chet the mover

The muck muck is an ellusive creature native only to the south eastern region of the United States. Found prominatly in trailer parks of off dirt roads. The muck muck is rarely seen without it's signature beverage (beer) and dip stain on it's shirt. The female muck muck is known for it's bare feet, pregnant gut, and black eye. Poor dental hygene is common in both male and females. Approach with caution.
go to your local trailer park and find a muck muck.
by Chet the mover December 06, 2007
When you grab each side of your nut sack and stretch it as far each way as you can. Then, you get some jackass to look at it. You then scream batman and meatgazer to attract attention. Finally, you are allowed to kick him in the ass 3 times calling him a fag each time.
I grabbed my sack and made my adhad ass brother look at my batman. All steps followed.
by Chet the mover December 01, 2007