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A euphemism for a women's menstration.
Don't eat clams during the red tide.
by Chesty LaRue October 30, 2003
A female asian who looks a likely sort. More than likely shoots objects from her cunt and is more than likely to be 40+
That bangkok betty sure loves a good ramming
by Chesty LaRue May 21, 2003
Something vintage, retro, and/or cool. Has a unique originality.
That Anne Taintor artwork is gitchy.
by Chesty LaRue April 18, 2005
When someone of asian origin passes wind, and the stench lingers
Ohhhh that cat fart is unbelievable! Can sure smell some cat in that one!
by Chesty LaRue May 21, 2003
Another term for a woman's monthly friend, typically accompanied by unadulterated bitching, whining and unbearable cramps.
I didn't get any last night, as Nikki was having her Niagra Falls.
by Chesty LaRue November 02, 2003

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