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The act of shitting your pants profusely, wiping your ass with dirty toilet water, and having to throw away your boxers because they are filled with shit, while being in the presence of a girl who you've liked since gradeschool.
West Chester - Ur@a college Opn House w/ a grl who uve likd since gradeschool, gettin buffalo chicken pizza walkn out of the pizza place&immediately havin2shit.The search4a toilet begins.Meanwhle the grl of ur dreams is back@ur car waiting4u&wondering where the hell u r.So ur almost there the toilet is in sight&u cnt hold it anymore.ur hand is already on ur ass trying2plug ur asshole from erupting w/diarrhea like lava ur40 ft away&then it just flows out of ur ass like the Nile.Theres no turnin back now theres already a quart of shit.So u finally reach the bathroom&u have2go again.Do u make it2the toilet?Of course not.So now tht whole stall is ruined.ur blue pants r coverd in shit.ur boxers r shot,a pair tht was once white w/ shamrocks on it has turned in2a brown diaper.So u try2wipe but it spreads it all over the place so clevrly thinkn u cup ur hand&begin scooping water out of the toilet to pat ur asshole dwn2wipe the shit off.After roughly 5 scoops all the toilet water is brown but u keep doing so2clean urself off The pants problm then arises.Wat am I supposed2do w/a pair of blue pants tht r covered in shit?So u begin soakin ur pants in the bathroom sink Keep in mind thres NO LOCK on the bathroom door&ur standing@the sink soakin ur pants in nothin more than a t-shirt socks&shoes.an hr later ur done ur pants r soakd&u return2ur car.The grls like OMG Wats that smell?&ur like um..uh..I steppd in somethin..lookin down @ur shoe&realizin u 4got2wipe ur own shit off ur shoe.
by Chester U March 13, 2010

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