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1)Displaying an air of depressed aloofness.
2)Use of the word bof to express oneself
Tushak: Hey buddy, how was your day? That thing at lunch was fun, huh?
Fleep: bof
Tushak: Dude, don't be so boffity!
by Chester Bourbonfield December 30, 2007
The grammatically correct version of w00t. Stands for We Owned The Other Team. Note the addition of the "The", adding one more syllable to the word, therefore giving the term more depth, significance, and symbolism.
Wallerd: Dude! The enemies just spontaneously died!
Duton: w0t0t!!!
by Chester Bourbonfield December 30, 2007
An extremely hard (damn near impossible) to locate body part. It takes up 3.03649 percent of the human body, and is extremely sensitive to light, sound, moisture, and insults. Known to exhibit signs of sentience, the tusculum has yet to be recognized as an entity separate to the human body.
Ouch, you hit my tusculum!

Oh shit, dude! You sound like a tusculum on crack!!
by Chester Bourbonfield December 30, 2007
Stands for POwned Other nooBZ.
Lord Tushak: Good sir, we have defeated the Northern Barbarians!
Sire Aligon: p00bz!!!
by Chester Bourbonfield December 30, 2007
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