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Welfare Dave- lowest form of life on earth. Eats government chesse.Wants more people to work to pay for his free gobmint chesse. Because he is to useless to work. Sucks off every level of government. (City,State,and Federal.) Goes fishing six fulls days a week, but yet can't work.
You working this week? No I am pulling a WD.
I wonder if my gobmint check came yet? Go check you mail box WD.
by Chesse spotter March 01, 2008
Something that people try to put on your shoulders if you try to make a decent living. This is often pushed on by a WD, scum, crackwhore, socialist, or IRS.
"My wife brought home a case of guilt for making to much money."

"She gave money to a crackwhore because she a had case of the guilt."
by Chesse spotter March 03, 2008
Chesse eater-Lowlife that lives off other people. A person that is unwilling to work for the reason that it may take up there spare time. This person usally is an expert at everything. Simply ask them, but they are to useless to do anything and make money.(Hence they would have to pay for cheese eaters.)People under this definition enjoy this lifestyle just so they can enjoy watching other people work.
Bruce you working this weekend?
Yes, I am to pay for the chesse eaters.
Bruce you are a good guy working for the deadbeats.
by Chesse spotter March 03, 2008
A Falsehood that the nonworkering slobs cling to.
I dont's gotta work Cause' I gots HOPE taz the gob gona' gets me some casha.
by chesse spotter December 01, 2008

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