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1 definition by Chesil

A dump town named after two memebers of the french parliament, John Wilkes and Isaac Barre. And guess what, they never set foot in America. What was once a sprwaling metropolis of 25,000 people, is now a town being overrun by old people, funeral homes, and ghetto drug dealers. Every-where you look, there's a funeral home in some fancy old house and down the road, you'll see another drug deal or shooting taking place. Another thing Wilkes-Barre prides itself in, having the most amount of potholes and closed bridges, and the most run-down and dumpy downtown ever. Main attractions? The yet to be built movie theater..stanton lanes and never forget..Skateaway!!

Come join the fun!!
Well..how bout a garbage dump?
by Chesil May 09, 2005