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One who imbibes, or has imbibed, an excess of booze. A pisspot.
A: Met the new Science guy?
B: Jeez man, he said hello to me this morning, stank like a fucking brewery. Right drinkachu, that one.
by Cheryl Lee October 25, 2005
One who emits a revolting bodily stench. A soap dodger. A shower opponent.
God, I got trapped in a lift with a right stinkachu this morning. Smelt like a tramp's mate.
by Cheryl Lee October 25, 2005
One who imbibes an excess of alcohol and in doing so, conveniently (though not for those around him/her) "forgets" to perform ablutions familiar to those who refrain from pisspottery.
"Look at him - he's off his face"
"Christ - he was next to me at the bar earlier and he proper stank"
"what a drinkachu stinkachu"
by Cheryl Lee October 25, 2005
someone you'd like to get your paws all over, one who is fit
Seen that Pussycat Dolls vid?

Yeah, dude, PAWSOME
by Cheryl Lee October 25, 2005
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