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V = Very
E = Evil
V = Video
O = Organization

A company that supposedly posts HQ music videos on youtube, but puts ads on it that have nothing to do with the video. First you havo to sit through the ad, then you have to wait until it's loaded, then you find out the video is censored.
Guy 1: Hey did you see the new Papa Roach video?
Guy 2: I tried, but I couldn't sit through the vevo ad
by CherryPie96 April 16, 2011
Justin Bieber: a canadian boy who looks like a girl, sings like a girl and has a lesbian haircut like Ellen DeGeneres
Fangirl: OMG, Justin Bieber is so hot!!

Any person with common sense: since when are you a pedophile?

Little canadian girl: I AM a boy!
by CherryPie96 March 05, 2011
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