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4 definitions by Cherimaya

Rugby thighs

Rugby thighs are very muscular thick thighs found on men who play lots of rugby. Lots of men who work out a lot neglect their legs in pursuit of a bulky upper body. Women tend to find the physique exhibited by the rugby player pretty near to perfection.
And because the shorts worn in rugby are a little shorter than footballers shorts they tend to showcase the muscular magnificence marvelously resulting in droves of women getting hot and bothered.
OMG! Look at those rugby thighs on the All Blacks doing the haka!
by Cherimaya November 03, 2013
A predatory male who predominately targets naive and vulnerable women with determined experienced pyschology in order to obtain sex. However he is generally inept in sexual expertise.
He's such a sexzilla....he gives me all that bull...like how gorgeous i am, how beautiful my body is, how he'd love to stroke me all night, hold me in his arms, cherish me, take care of me. Then no texts, no talk no nothing and no orgasm except for his of course....that's sexzilla
by cherimaya December 22, 2009
Ipswag: the swagger found in Ipswich

Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk. It is an isolated one trick town located 70 miles NE of London. Note that there is no motorway passing through Suffolk (there must be a reason for this).
At the weekends the bored population like to hang round at certain establishments located on the waterfront area rocking their new threads and getting wasted while looking round giving others the evils because they all think they're ballin'. Ipswag is the attitude that they display thinking that they are badass and street.
"OMG did you see those boys over there? They think they're ballin'
Like they're Drake or Kobe or something"

"Yeah this town is full of attitude, I guess it's Ipswag"
by Cherimaya October 30, 2013
Seeing an awesomely gorgeous very hot or hench girl or guy and then subsequently wanting to tighten your game and ass up
OMG, have you seen Ciara's dance moves? That girl has seriuosly given me some fitspiration
by cherimaya May 09, 2013