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1. The clandestine belief that your children and would be grandchildren are plotting to check your prostate.

2. When a man carries on his family name via butt pregnancy.

3. The very moment you realize that a rectal exam is in your near future.
1. Daryl's children believed in prosterity, much to his dismay.

2. Herb discovered his prosterity and decided to keep it despite the inevitable hemorrhoids that would concurrently haunt him.

3. Jim suddenly sat down when a moment of prosterity fell upon him.
by CherieCherryPie April 20, 2010
How crazy a woman or man gets after not getting any dick for a period greater than a year. Generally characterized by making unnecessarily phallic gestures or making everyday objects into phallic anatomy.
Staisy was such a lunadic that she used the tail on her nieces sock monkey to make it look like the monkey had a big dick.
by CherieCherryPie April 02, 2010

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