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A scientific law formulated by Sir Isaac Newton telling the likelyhood of a female having sexual relations with a male, as expressed in the equation:


M= Muscle definition
d= douchebagness
v= Moral Values
S= slut value
G=Girl's hotness
Jon: Do you think Ashley will fuck Michael tonight?
Matt: No, he's not enough of a douchebag, so it does not satisfy Newton's 69th Law.
by ChemistryCalvin April 23, 2010
When you procreate in the bed or cab of a Silverado, Colorado, Canyon, Escalade EXT, in the back of a Tahoe, Yukon, SRX, Trailblazer, Escalade, Suburban, Equinox, Traverse, Canyon, or Acadia, Enclave, or in the seats of Lacrosse, Camaro, CTS, DTS, STS, Corvette, Impala, or XLR Roadster; But not Aveo, or HHR. Those are for pussies.
Jon: "Dude, Does Mike have Ashley in his Tahoe?"
Matt: "Hell yeah, He's getting Chevrolayed in the Wallgreens parking lot".
by ChemistryCalvin July 27, 2010
Jon: "Is Mike getting Chevrolayed in the back of his tahoe right now?"
Matt: No, he doesn't satisfy Newton's 69th Law remember, so he's dialing up a World of Warcraft Booty Call.
by ChemistryCalvin August 05, 2010
Simply, when one's face breaks out with such ferocity and cunning overnight that it flummoxes all those who knew him/her.
Jon: "Dude, Mike's face is Dufresning badly today."

Matt: "I know dude; who would've thought. He used to be such a good guy"
by ChemistryCalvin July 16, 2010

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