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a band that has strategically attached itself to the easiest fanbase in the world to manipulate... the young American female. Now, they still have their share of tween males, but they own the brain of the young American female. It's why they are allowed to keep pumping out basically the same 2 songs, each with similar musical structures. They have the slow song...which features elementary guitar playing, and Chad Kroeger singing about some type of sadness that doesn't actually exist on Earth or the "remember high school" theme (a la Kenny Chesney). Then they take the slow song principles... speed up the guitar a little... and instead of sadness they go to the other end of the spectrum... and they sing about either a) unattainable fame... b) doing drugs (which they probably know nothing about)... or c) a combination of a + b with some type of sex added to it. By playing BOTH ends of the spectrum... young people (retards) and women go nuts because they think that makes Nickelback "musically diverse".... but in actuality they are very, very limited in what they can do with their instruments.
Just watch a video of them on Youtube. Watch how they make their guitar riffs look extremely hard... They always make that "this part is complicated" face when they are playing. But, if you take the time to actualy listen to the music it's the same basic notes over and over and over again.
The existence of Nickelback is unfortunate.
by Chemistry Rules January 24, 2010

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