16 definitions by Chelsey

leaves that gets you high, and give you super natural powers!makes you want to fuck (if you get the good kind)
me:puff puff pass asshole!
nikki:wait i aint got the munchies yet!
me:lets go skinnydipping and drowned eachother!
nikki:ok but before that i have to shit and eat some cookies!
me:bring the dutch bitch
nikki:of course we have to smoke that pound before we try and kill each other
me:roll it up hoe
nikki:i did while i was talkin to your dad
nikki:(puff...puff...puff)here skank
me:i have a better idea lets go to the mall and steal some shit and sell some weed for $10 a nic and buy some more MJ
nikki:lets go
by chelsey March 17, 2005
The best rapper and G-Unit owner.
"i'll take u to the candyshop"
by chelsey February 16, 2005

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