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A country which has seen well over its share of hardships. Yes, we are strong nationalists and we are closely knit. Armenian Martyr's day is a solemn day, our Patron saints are Vartan and Gregory the Illuminator.
There is a large diaspora of Armenians throughout the world. We can be found in Indonesia, Australia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, France, Italy, the UK, Argentina, the U.S. and of course Armenia.
We were butchered by the Ottoman Turks for being Armenian, Christian or both from 1915-1925. The Turkish government still denies this though most educated Turks state that 1 million Armenians indeed were killed by the Turkish government. Stating this fact is still against Turkish law, which seems a little suspicious. Those who are even semi-educated do not deny the Genocide, but I guess that cannot be said about some.
We are normally large people with dark hair and dark brown eyes. Some though are Aryan, but they are oddly called Cossacks for some strange reason.
We are devout Christians, and take pride in the fact that in the early 4th century, Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity.
There is a long, great and epic history I could tell you know but that would take too long.
Armenia is an incredibly persistent nation, having survived for so long and outlasting countless rivals.
by Chelsea_Supporter October 23, 2006

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