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someone who everyone thinks shes anerixic and she really isn't. you might consider it a sport but its really a art which you work just as hard if not harder at dance than a prefesional athlete would at thier soprt. you work hard and do your best. its not as easy as everyone thinks it is because if it was, then everyone would be doing it. just because i can lift my leg up high doesnt mean that im stuck up or a bitch. we work hard at ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop or pointe not at being a slut in a bar or a lap sitter.
i dance and im not a slut or stuck up and i've danced with American Ballet Theatre and School Of American Ballet.
by Chele June 03, 2004
Used when speaking about the act of doing something without needing any help from others.
"I did that obama sef"
by CHELE October 04, 2012
An acronym for the fictitious sorority created by Zane-- Alpha PHI Fuckem
by Chele May 09, 2003
Hot guy that is a pimp.
Kodie has 6 girlfriends because he is a pimp.
by Chele January 11, 2004

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