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When something involves a Transvestite /Drag Queen, and another person, possibly a heterosexual one male or female, a "gender" confrontation. This is usually not a good scene, will end in viscious yelling, tugging ,and scratching, and well as a razor or box cutter showing up for the finale .An old fashioned "street fight", with a modern twist!
As we were chased out of the nightclub by the Drag Queen -, i heard the door man yell,.. "Tranny get your gun " !
by Chef Michael Koshgarian Jr December 15, 2006
After a long night of drinking and partying, you take a taxicab home, but actually have sex with the cab driver , in the cab, or bring the cab driver back to your house or apartment. Having a sexual situation with a taxicab driver.
After the Mardi Gras party she left the bar,called a taxicab, and instead of going home - she had sex with the cab driver in the backseat. She had no morals at that time, it was truly was a "fare" to remember.
by Chef Michael Koshgarian Jr July 09, 2009
Lower-end , scummy / trashy family members - usually cousins that you were forced to play with, or sit at the "kiddie table" in your younger years . As you get older you distance yourself from them, but find yourself be reunited at family reunions ,weddings or funerals, not by your choice.
After an hour at the family reunion i had to leave , i realized i had nothing nice to say to my scousins .
by Chef Michael Koshgarian jr July 20, 2009
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