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A great site for wasting time. But it is filled with many retarded prepubescent twats that vote 0 on everything and constantly misspell 'fag'.

Other than that, like I said before, a great fucking time waster.
Guy #1: Woo that toon kicked ass! Thank you invisible man in the sky for this site!

Guy #2: Dude, all of my cartoons got excellent reviews, yet were blammed. What the fucking hell?!

Dumb Twat: OMG That cartoon sucked ass! I don't like gay stuff or anything so ur a fg! fg!!!!
by Cheesecake Truck September 29, 2004
What Anti-Oklahoma people call Oklahoma.
Me: I hate it here in Oklahomo.

Chick: Yeah, me too. Let's hump with the cows as the sun rises.

Me: I'll get the LSD.
by Cheesecake Truck January 04, 2005
A combination of the words NASTY and UGLY.
Damn that chick was NUGLY!
by Cheesecake Truck September 22, 2004
A video games store just like any other video game store. The one where I live seems to be alright, so far.
The Gamestop we just got here seems to be cool. Hopefully it will stay that way..but the first time I see some fat mother hauling her kids around, I am leaving.
by Cheesecake Truck November 12, 2004
Besides all of the 'busy work' and assholes, school is pretty awesome. Meet chicks, make friends that may last you your whole life, and do some drugs.

The only things you have to worry about are keeping your grades up and not getting into too many fights.
Dude 1: School sucks ass! Hahah! I slept through all of my classes last week. I rule!

Dude 2: Way to go, dumbass. Have fun flipping my burgers.
by Cheesecake Truck September 06, 2004
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