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A decent college town in northern Indiana that is the center of Michiana. Students from the University of Notre Dame almost always hate South Bend because they are afraid to live outside of the "bubble" which is Notre Dame, Indiana. These people are apart of the large population of college students in the nation who hate the town they go to school in, regardless of what town it is. They hate South Bend because it represents the real world with real people and problems, and is not filled with conceited, elitest, white ignorant college kids who overestimate their own self-importantance fueled by Keystone Light. Notre Dame reaps in billions of dollars a year and yet will not act like the Catholic school it claims to be and assist the community with its problems (homelessness, aiding Catholic schools in the area, feeding/clothing the hungry are just a few).
by CheeseWhiz101 March 28, 2009

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