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A word used in a court of law to denounce heterosexuality.

Deathcharger is seen in many homosexual and prison circles as an unprotected "hardcore" sexual act between multiple men, shaved barnyard animals and electrical tape. Not to be confused with the "Don Johnson".
Kerry: " Dude, that Deathcharger party last night broke my asshole."

Terry: " I told you not to put that park bench in your own ass, you should have just watched Buffy with me. "

Kerry: " I know, I just can't get enough of that Viking Deathcharger stretching technique."

Terry: " You wont shit good for a month."
Kerry: " Richard Gere would be proud."
#deathcharger #poop #gerbil #gape #prison #heterosexual #homosexual #don johnson #court #animal
by CheeseDump January 20, 2011
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