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What is a prep? : Well I have been called a prep all throughout highschool. A prep is someone who really cares about their look and dresses nice and has attitude. Like a typical prep for a girl is a cheerleader. And for guys football guys are jocks but if they dress really nice and are asses they are considered preps. Even though they don't use prep for guys very often, I was talking to a group of friends and random guys. They had the nerve to call my best guy friend that walked by (football player) a prep. Because he dresses nice and has money. Being called a prep is sometimes insulting but for girls it's not.. A prep is different from a priss. A priss is a straight up cunt. (bitch) I have also been called that all through out highschool.
Football, Cheerleaders, prep
by Cheerleader March 16, 2013
CHEERLEADING IS A SPORTso many people say cheerleading isnt a sport but they have never tryed it before. all of the people who say it isnt dont know what there talking about because no one knows how hard it is . i mean cheerleading is one of the hardest sports in the world and if people got a chance to do it they would change there mind. when people say it isnt it kills the cheerleaders because they work so hard and they get no credit what so ever. i wish that all people who dont think cheerleading is a sport try it and see what they think. it is the hardest sport ever and belive me i have dont all the sports. its even harder than gymnastics
i love the SPORT cheerleading
by cheerleader March 14, 2007

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