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The act of accidentally ejaculating when trying to obtain only an erection
I was fooling around with my girlfriend and ereculated
#ejaculate #erection #erect #ejaculation #penis
by Cheenkween August 11, 2008
Fauxlet (Fo-lett): A word hair dressers use to describe the mullet haircut to someone that wants a mullet but can't bring themselves to ask for it.

A Rat-tail could also fall into this category. Other possible fauxlets would be hairstyles that are questionable, such as the 1990ish Oprah Winfrey style and the mullets that taper back with out such a blunt chop line.
Example 1:

Hairdresser: "How would you like your hair cut today, sir?"
Customer: "I'd like a number 3 above my ears, finger-width on top, and leave all the length in back."
Hairdresser: "Oh, so you would like a mullet then?"
Customer: "Well not really a mullet, more just a regular hair cut with a little length on back - maybe 3-4 inches."
Hairdresser: "Oh, I get it, you want a fauxlet!"
Customer: "Exactly"

Example 2:"I'm really too cool to wear a mullet, but I secretly like the style, so I'm going to wear a 'fauxlet' instead."
#a modified mullet #mull-shit #mullet-denial #compensatory mullet #cool new #mullet
by Cheenkween March 08, 2010
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