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The sort of guy who will be there for you no matter what.
The sort of guy that has a silly face and a cute as hell smile.
The sort of guy with the most beautiful eyes, you could get lost in them.
The sort of guy who would always put you before himself.
The sort of guy thats got HUGE muscles.
The sort of guy that snuggles you could have all day everyday.
The sort of guy whos kisses have a lasting impression on you.
The sort of guy who gets stressed over small things and needs to realise how much people care about him, especially a wee one.
The sort of guy that no matter what you go through, you will always go back to him
for the simple reason that nobody compares to David Bairstow
The sort of guy you could love forever.
HELP ME! s'oright mussehmans eyar!
David Bairstow get the baddies for you!
by Cheeky Face November 10, 2010

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