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A “Pinocchio” typically occurs to a man during a 69 session while eating pussy so aggressively that his nose ends up in her ass hole. This can be both a positive and negative experience all at once.
“I gave her the Pinocchio while she swallowed my cock”
by Chedward Lazaro May 06, 2010
An on-line dating maneuver whereby 1 man sets a minimum of 3 dates with different women for the same time and location. At the given time and location the man shows up with as many as male friends as dates as he has set up.
Then the female dates choose whichever Enos they're attracted to for the evening. A win/win/win/win/win/win
When Tiffany, Brittany, & Christina show up expecting a date with Enos, they encounter the 3 Enoses and they get to choose the Enos of their liking.
by Chedward Lazaro January 14, 2011
When Three or more participate in the act of trapping each other under bed covers after releasing vile ass fumes. The Wind Farm is created by the combination of farticles in an upgraded Dutch Oven.
Jamie, Scott and their dog Lefty were in bed; Scott vomited on the sheets when his wife and his dog gave him the white castle Wind Farm edition of the dutch oven.
by Chedward Lazaro March 10, 2015

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