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Someone who says, "I am missing Halo in HD for this party"
they basically enjoy video games and watch TV, and surf the internet almost all the time.
But they have a good knowledge for technology, like computers and such.
They arent really the most popular people in school, but really, who is? those intimadating Violent Bullies?

Geeks are just... not Bullies, chavs, gilry girls or any of the others, they are just themselves and are more likely to have a succesfull future.
by Checkered wristband September 12, 2009
Low lifes, Unwanted by the public, Violent, and basically hated by everyone, even their own so called friends dont like them, they just hang out with them just to be popular.

The girls are always dressed in the long cheap shirt that says "Im your Bitch" or something like that, they wear their hair really tight up or they will have the small layered pony tail almost at the top of their head with a fringe that is totally identical to all their "mates", usually with unatural looking blonde streaks.
The wear cheap looking make up, and rediculously large hooped ear rings, they will ware their tight skinney jeans (wich all the emo's and scene kids had way before them)
they wear silver and gold dolly shoes or they would wear tracksuits and nike trainers.
Most the girls are pregnant before they are 15 or have atleast had sex at 12 years old.

The boys dye their hair blonde or blonde streaks and ususally spike it up or wear a baseball hat.
they either wear football kit or tracksuits and always wear nike trainers.
they usually smoke from the age of 10, and have one ear pierced with a huge rock in it.
They use words like "innit" and "mush" or "Bruv" and they like to be idiots on the street by harrasing old ladies or picking fights with people older than them.
they also pretend they are funny when they start pretending to flirt with other girls, usually like emo's or goth's, then they pretend to ask them out and when they are turned down they start to insult the girls and really embarras them.

Chavs are just awfull people, if you can call them people that is.
they also hang outside fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King and the hang around in childrens parks, they are basically everywhere causing trouble.
Chavs ususally have come from bad backgrounds and abusive famillies, which is why most chavs are violent and have left home at a young age.
by Checkered wristband September 12, 2009

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