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A person who is a known smoker. Smokes anything that burns. Hookah, weed, cigarettes, you name it.
Use this word to insult them, by foreshadowing their impending cancer.
Hey blacklung, if you run out of cigarettes, feel free to suck on my exhaust pipe.
by Check Silvur November 14, 2008
A little kid, usually 11 or around that age, who goes around and looks for cigarettes people drop to smoke.
Usually in groups of more then one, these kids will smoke anything in huddled groups in the corners of cities or towns. Usually dressed in hoodies, with hoods up to hide their activities.
Another definition is a minor who smokes. Ashrat is a noun.
Ashrats always see to be twitchy and nervous, because what they are doing is illegal. If they ever look away from what they are doing, they will glance. These kids truly resemble rats.
Look at that pack of Ashrats! They are so little! What the hell are they doing?!
God, I bet they took those cigarettes right out of the ashtray. Fucking losers.
by Check Silvur November 14, 2008

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