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A typical, rich town full of liberal cocksuckers and capitalistic whores located on the South Shore of Mass. It is dominated by white pestilence, mainly Irish Catholics who believe everything their parish says. The town pride is unlike any other, perhaps taking it a little too far. The citizens tend to believe they are superior in every way to all other towns, especially the town of Weymouth. Perhaps the more pathetic aspect of this town is its teenage population. The teens are mainly a bunch of ignorant bitches who flaunt to pop culture and its influences and probably couldn't tell you a single fact about the current state of U.S. affairs. They often make up ridiculously dumb phrases, referred to as "Hingham speak". They are the true representation of a dumbed-down, manipulated youth full of sluts, jocks, and potheads.

Most of the town has not experienced a single traumatizing event and seem to have perfect lives. It consists of gold digging blonde wives and cigar-sucking, CEO husbands who are also members at either the Boston Golf Club or Black Rock Country Club. The biggest issue in the past ten years has been whether to put up lights on the Ward Street field so kids can play lacrosse even though they'll never be as good as Duxbury. They should just stick to hockey after the Super 8 win.
Well, your basically an arrogant jerk who thinks less of others. You should move to Hingham.
by CheGuevera June 19, 2010

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