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3 definitions by Che Guevara

1) a person excessively dedicated to the mod style prevalent in Britain during the 1960's

2)A dandy male who spends inordinate time getting their clothing perfect and especially long time doing their hair

3) more mod than a mod
look at me - for I am ubermod


wow those clothes, that hair, he is ubermod
by che guevara July 26, 2005
Creamy substance with a hard crust
brought up (indeed, hocked up)from deep within the larynx.Usually the morning after a hardcore drinking session.
(cough, hock, snort, hock)
Anyone for Phlegm Brule'e?
by Che Guevara July 22, 2005
A promised improvement or change that never happens; usually in the workplace.

A form of bait used to keep the interest of a naive/trusting person.

An empty promise.
"They say things will get better when we the new front office system, but it's just another carrot!"
by Che Guevara August 22, 2003