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(A colloquialism from Mandarin Chinese)
Word describing surprise introduced into English from Chinese immigrants.
Oh, Shit!
Oh, My God!
Waakaa! Did you see those pair of legs?
by Chaz Mataz February 26, 2004
From the Latin, dinglus berripimatae, hanging from butt-eye

Hardened, dried coagulation of poo-poo and/or other human excretion which forms on the fur surrounding the opening of the anal cavity.
Sorry I'm late. I called in someone to extract my dingle berries this morning, and it took longer than expected.
by Chaz Mataz February 26, 2004
Adjective used to describe something agreeable, up, or attractive.
Man, your car is lookin' titty after that wax job!
I feel just down right titty this morning.
by chaz mataz March 18, 2004
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