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Some one whose pants dont reach thurr shoes is said to be poppin. High Waters.
Hey, Andrew why are u popiin the flood was yesterday.
by Chaz April 29, 2005
English term, different from the aussie and yank definitions, for a group of long-haired hippy-types, often vegetarian, embracing heavy metal and aircooled vw culture, often found hanging out on the beach, the park, fields or anywhere smokin reefer and listening to Nebula and Fu Manchu whilst discussing how theyre gonna slam their rusty old vw beetle and how the chavs are ruining all their favorite festivals.
often heard saying "coool van man!", and "wanna burn a doobie with me maan?"
by Chaz April 13, 2005
Tupac shakur is teh shitest rapper ever.... he was so crap, and ppl only liked him when he was dead, or he was more famous...same with van gogh, tupac is just a shitface....cant rap...twista too...he needs to lay off the pie
What a load of shit
by chaz June 07, 2004
euphemism for "head over ass"
I am head over heels in love with her.
He tripped and tumbled head over heels down a hill.
by chaz March 15, 2005

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