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38 definitions by Chaz

And the Trogdor smote the Kerrak and all was left to burnination
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
- the words pesimistic and cyinical put together

-just a random word that can be used in any situation....and it sounds funny
-"Your such a pestical!"
-"Wut a fricken pestical!"
-"My pestical doesn't work properly."
by chaz July 12, 2004
God of ALL 133Ts' and member of the Newgrounds BBS.
Anyone who's 133t bows too Snips
by Chaz December 04, 2004
When you cum in a girls mouth, then punch her in the stomach so it comes out of her nose, then punch her in the nose so it comes out all bloody
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
Like wigger its basically a white perosn triyng to be asian
Did you see that guy he died his hair black and wears all this jap crap. Yo he must be wasian.
by Chaz March 15, 2004
A promuscious person into the "furry scene" (dressing up as animal characters and having sex)
Jamie was wearing her foxy loxy costume and doing everone at the party -- she's such a pawslut!
by Chaz January 17, 2004
Some one whose pants dont reach thurr shoes is said to be poppin. High Waters.
Hey, Andrew why are u popiin the flood was yesterday.
by Chaz April 29, 2005