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38 definitions by Chaz

A Stuck up Fuckwit
"That dudes an Uptrafud!"
by Chaz June 11, 2004
A giant, usually with large sideburns. Natural habitats include men's anuses and other such regions (e.g. the grundle)
Look at that mogre go!
by CHAZ March 07, 2003
Sperm or Man juice. Also known as jiz.
She took a sip of my artificial sweetener.
by Chaz July 08, 2004
kid that sits next to me in computer class he likes the canucks haha :P

yep thats it.
Geek! j/k j/k
haha Canuck fan
by ChAz April 05, 2004
An invitation to carry on your conversation with someone's hand.
"...Talk to the hand!" "Okay, well, as I was saying Mr. Hand, the person attached to you is an immature twit, and did you know..."
by chaz March 24, 2006
1. The woman who gave birth to you
2. Attempted insult,or come back, normally from a townie , normally pathetic, normally not very insulting, normally making little or no sense.
1.... explains itself doesn't it?
A)Townie: Are you Jack Osbourne?
Me: No, my name's Chaz
Townie: Your Mum's Jack Osbourne!
B) <townie is standing in middle of path so people cant get past, cos he's such a badass>
Me: can you get out the way please?
Townie: <leaving quickly> your mum for men!
by Chaz April 17, 2004
And the Trogdor smote the Kerrak and all was left to burnination
by CHAZ March 07, 2003