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To have a big ole blockhead
Damien has a big ass magic skool bus
by Chaz April 23, 2005
a random person with a slanted head.
he is rebelious especiously in mrs breens r.e class of year nine A 2.
a bent head likes and is good at maths, and thinks languages and r.e r pointless.
hahaha he is a bent head
by chaz June 29, 2004
1) Leet runescape gold seller

2) Well know autoer, has multiple computer each supporting over 15 characters.
1) I just paid killerworm $92599025 for 2942784 mills

2) Everywhere I go i see one of killerworms slaves, i cant get away.
by Chaz December 25, 2004
to steal an something because it is more valuable to you.
I cuminized the escher painting, because it was in a frat house and i am a math major.
by chaz July 27, 2004
when leaving a tip, put the bills in a glass of water, cover the top with a menu or other stiff surface, then flip the glas upside down, and remove the menu from underneath the glass, resulting in a horrible situation for your waitress/waitor.
its fucked up. try getting a table near a window so when you leave, you can watch and see what the waitress does about it.
by Chaz January 05, 2005
A Fattius Maximus, or quijibo. Usually travels in packs (i.e. with a Grummis). Children are usually scared of it, and with good reason. His large hair contains many wonders, such a boogers, wax, and often resin. If seen, do not panic, much like a t-rex, if you do not move, it can not see you.
Oh shit, it's a mogre
by CHAZ February 18, 2004
The catch phrase that is sweeping the nation
Boogers and Poop
by CHAZ March 07, 2003

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