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Cheap hoes. Nothin' more nothin' less
"Shit son we gots to get us some street pussay!"
by Chaz November 26, 2004
dappy is a term usually associated with certain types of girl. sometimes the person in question may be mad, loony, or in my own experience, a complete nutter.
that kirsten is dappy as fuck
by chaz April 15, 2004
An expression of surprise, or incomprehension.

Also see
What the hell
What the heck
What the fuck
What in Blue Blazes
As his slumbering mind was touched by the dawning rays of wakefulness, his first impression was of a mop of frizzy orange hair brushing his face. Awareness suddenly slapped him upside his head, not only was there was a person seated on his lap, but he was strapped inside a car sardine-can-packed with clowns, missiling towards a burning building. "What the!" he exclaimed.
by Chaz July 20, 2005
24 oz. bottled iced teas and other oversized non-alcoholic beverages.
Pick me up an Arizona iced tea, surburban forty size.
by Chaz February 05, 2002
1. n) A giant robot posessing immeasurable destructive power; Primarily retro-fitted with various sorts of fantastical weaponry (i.e. Piston Arms, giant Head Laser). Rumored to be ancient gods reincarnated. Plural Megadeus.

2. n) A giant punch, usually a one-hit KO. Plural megadeus.
1. The Megadeus are Metal Gods, and they will lay waste to this world!

2. What a megadeus! That other guy'll be out for like an hour, at least.
by Chaz July 06, 2004
French word for 'cupboard'
First of all I have to put my clothes in my armoire
by Chaz April 30, 2004
a tall lanky guy, completely sex obssesed. a tidd may be found in areas such as the bedroom, the toilet having a "poo", or the kitchen eating all you food.
often a tidd may turn randomly up at your door to eat your food and maby play your playstation. on fridays a tidd will often enjoy a nice party in whihc it will try to get as pissed as possible.
omg its tidd and its in my toilet!
by chaz June 29, 2004

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